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Repetitive and cumulative injury cases and Carpal Tunnel claims present difficulties in court because there is usually no sudden, identifiable accident that trial counsel can show the finder of fact. While the firm has been successful with repetitive trauma claims and carpal tunnel cases, Ashburn farms injury lawyer Doug Landau has also helped those disabled from sudden injury that results in carpal tunnel syndrome. Photographs of the bruising, swelling, cuts and scarring are helpful in these cases, as are measurements of the increased circumference of the injured wrist, forearm or elbow as compared to the non-injured side

In one case, a landscaping worker was struck when a sapling snapped back from a chipper and struck the ABRAMS LANDAU client in the forearm, and carpal tunnel developed. In another Virginia Workers Compensation claim, a driver’s wrists were hyperextended, resulting in this disabling condition and surgical repair. In the Landau Law Shop’s negligence and liability cases, hand injuries in car crashes can result in carpal tunnel and compensation for this painful upper extremity diagnosis. If you or someone you know has been injured in a workplace or car crash where a sudden impact or trauma has resulted in carpal tunnel syndrome or similar diagnosis, please e-mail us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., or call 703-796-9555 today.

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