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When clients of the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU are told that they can be reimbursed for all of their trips to the doctors, physical therapists, radiologists, for their on the job injuries, they are very happy and surprised with the news. They then want to know how they submit this "expense" for payment, because, unlike the medical expenses, their are no "bills" for trips they take with their own car. Disabled workers who are transported by cab, bus, train, limo, etc. can produce bills for reimbursement, but that is a small minority of claims. In most cases, the claimant (or the family member who drove them to the doctor’s office) would measure the trip, one-way, then multiply by 2 (to compute round trip mileage) and then by the number of visits reflected on the physician’s bill.

Now, with the aid of the computer, clients are using "Google Earth," "MapQuest" and other programs to calculate and tally the mileage for reimbursement. The carriers are then sent the printout out and payment is made. Of coursed, parking and tolls are extra ! It shocks me every time I hear that there are lawyers holding themselves out as "workers compensation specialists" who do not know about this benefit. In Virginia, the current reimbursement rate is $0.50 per mile. So, if an ABRAMS LANDAU client has travelled 360 miles for medical treatment that is reasonable, causally related and by written referral, we will expect a payment of $180.00, tax free, from the insurance company. Getting an experienced workers compensation lawyer for your or a loved one’s on the job accident is important because an attorney who regularly helps injured workers will know what benefits are available under the law.

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