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The one costly element that all “simple” car crash cases have in common is that the plaintiff must provide evidence of her losses and injuries. Expert medical testimony is normally a necessity for matters such as:

  • causation,
  • future medical treatment,
  • permanent injury,
  • disability from work,
  • complications,
  • pre-existing conditions,
  • impairment,
  • job restrictions,
  • plastic surgery for scars, and
  • life expectancy.

Doctors preparing for a trial go through depositions, medico-legal meetings, and other activities of this kind, all in preparation for the court appearance. ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. was informed recently that an orthopedic group in Virginia has doctors who charge as much as $1,500 per hour while preparing for the trial, and $8,000 just for appearing in court ! To put this simply, an injured plaintiff is charged upwards of $10,000 in order to be provided with sufficient medical evidence to win her Virginia, Maryland or DC injury trial. In extremely expensive jurisdictions such as New York City, the price to present sufficient medical evidence in court is much higher than $10,000.

In most cases all other expenses are miniscule in comparison, such as exhibit notebooks and subpoenas, enlargements of photographs, scene diagrams, deposition transcripts and medical illustrations. The medical illustrations cost around $2,000, while these other non-expert witness expenses are usually much less. Despite how relatively inexpensive these tools are, many “personal injury trial firms” choose not to use them in order to save money. This Herndon Virginia trial lawyer seen many “injury lawyers” try cases "on the cheap," usually to their clients’ detriment. I recommend getting an experienced TRIAL lawyer who has experience trying cases in court, and who invests the necessary time, staff, and money that the cases require.

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  1. You are pointing out the difference between hiring experience and getting short changed. These cases cost money and involve making sure the correct money is spent. I was seeing billboards for "Discount" injury lawyers the other day. Guess where they save money and I would bet they cost the client money?

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