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After the physical injuries from a car wreck or truck crash have stabilized and a claim is brought for reimbursement of the losses, in permanent injury and disability cases handled by the Herndon law firm Abrams Landau, Ltd., we must assemble proof of future harms caused by the defendant driver’s unsafe decisions and negligent actions, As we work with our clients here at Abrams Landau to develop their individual case in the wake of a permanent injury, one issue that we always discuss is the amount of economic recovery that is available. In other words, how much money is the case actually worth ? What will the law of the state where the car crash happened allow for the harms and losses sustained ? Some of these calculations are relatively straightforward; for example, totaling the medical bills that have already been paid and adding up all the weeks’ gross wages to calculate past lost income. However, most of the cases at the "Landau Law Shop" require additional calculations, exhibits, evidence and expert witness testimony to explain the numbers and conclusions.

But what happens in these cases where an injury is life altering, for example, when a client may have life-long medical expenses ? Or may not be able to return to work at all ? Or may return to working, but in a significantly different (or lower paying) position ? In these circumstances—when we’re talking about the future costs of an injury, we turn to expert witnesses. Admittedly, these expert witnesses can be quite costly and many clients ask us why it is necessary. After all, these calculations might seem relatively straight forward as well: why can’t we just multiply my annual wage loss by the number of years until I would have retired ? Most courts would not allow such evidence to be brought before the jury. In tomorrow’s post, we will look at the types of testimony we seek to elicit from our economic experts and why it is of value to the courts, the members of the jury and our clients.

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