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Text messaging is all the rage for teens. But pair texting with driving and an accident is bound to happen.

Texting while driving increases ones response to brake time, or the time it takes to stop a moving vehicle. This distracting method of conversation is simply a bad idea behind the wheel

Fox News reported one example of an accident in New York.

“Text messages were sent and received on a 17-year-old driver’s cell phone moments before the sport utility vehicle slammed head-on into a truck, killing her and four other recent high school graduates”.

Another crash that happened recently in Ohio involved a driver who admitted she was text messaging when her vehicle veered off the road, and overturned after hitting a mailbox. The eighteen-year-old driver was thrown from the car and was later cited for operating a vehicle without reasonable control.

The point is texting while driving is dangerous, to both yourself and others.

But texting is a problem for more than just teens. Over 30% of drivers in Maryland and Virginia admit to texting while driving.

As of July 1st text messaging while driving in the state of Virginia will be illegal for all drivers. (LINK)

Texting distracts the driver, and Abrams Landau Ltd. has won cases in which the negligent driver was distracted. The trial team at Abrams Landau Ltd. represents clients who are injured by drivers who are distracted by cell phones, text messages, cb radios, and other "inside the vehicle distractions." We believe drivers should not be allowed to text while driving, period. Injured citizens come into our office regularly due to preventable accidents caused by distractions. Crashes caused by inattentive text messagers will cause permanent injuries and death to innocent victims. With this new law, Virginia is in the right mindset. The Loudoun, Leesburg and Fairfax injury law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. hopes other states follow suit.

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