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Aggressive driving, "near misses," and excessive speed and tailgating – I have called the local police to report all of these dangers to our community. Unsafe drivers need to know that they are being watched and that they will be reported to the authorities. Too often, aggressive drivers think that their anonymity will protect them. In one instance, the teen age driver who was racing down our street was later picked up for another violation, and was prosecuted for his reckless behavior. I would encourage other bikers, runners and athletes to start speaking up" and reporting dangerous drivers to the police. Stop your bike or jog and call it in immediately. Calling in a "BOLO" ("Be On the Look Out" for…) will cause the dispatchers to alert the local cruisers which may save lives.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the definition of aggressive driving is: "When individuals commit a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property." Police will need to know the following information when you are reporting an aggressive driver:

  • Description of Vehicle (color, make, model, license plate state, and license plate number).
  • Description of driver (sex, race, age, hair color, height, weight).
  • Location of incident.
  • Date and time of incident.
  • What happened?
  • Would you be willing to serve as a witness? If yes, you must give your name, address and phone number.

I would encourage all reader to report unsafe drivers. In the next several posts I will have a "how to" for each of the DC Metro area jurisdictions, starting with DC, then Maryland, Virginia and what to do about unsafe trucks and busses. Taking action may protect you and your family from being injured by an aggressive, distracted or dangerous driver.


  1. Gravatar for Kimberly Morgan
    Kimberly Morgan

    On Monday November 1st I was traveling westbound on I84. When I reached the eagle on ramp, a white Chevy Suburban began tailing me from that on ramp all the way to the Meridian off ramp. He was dangerously close to my back bumper for those few miles. I made eye contact with him and mouthed "your too close" he continued the dangerous behavior all the way through Meridian. When I was able to get behind him and retrieve his license plate#. This is a white male in his late 30's, reddish hair, and driving a white Chevy Suburban. License plate# 1A VY737. Please get this man off the road or at least have him sited. He had a lot of joy accosting me with his vehicle yesterday. He put myself and so many other people in danger yesterday and I'm sure will continue this behavior

  2. Gravatar for Doug Landau

    Ms. Morgan,

    Thank you for your comments. I am sorry to hear about this frightening episode on our highway. Which police office or branch of law enforcement did you cal this in to yesterday ? Hoping you were able to drive safely without dangerous tailgaters today to vote, Doug Landau

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