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Insurance defense lawyers will often attempt to take advantage of lawyers who advertise that they are "personal injury lawyers" but who, in fact, do not regularly go to court and try cases. Because of these sharp practices, at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we seek to prevent opposing counsel from attempting to get irrelevant and prejudicial evidence before the jury. Well in advance of trial , the Landau Law Shop team requests and order from the Court telling insurance defense counsel that they may not talk about irrelevant issues and evidence whose prejudicial effect outweigh its probative value. The ABRAMS LANDAU law shop has successfully gotten rulings as to:

  • Reference that this lawsuit or a verdict in this case for the Plaintiff or against the defendants or suits and/or verdicts in such suits for Plaintiffs generally, is, will or might have any of the following effects:
  1. (a) Is, will or might be a financial burden on the defendant in this case or to the residents or taxpayers of this area;
  2. (b) Is, will or might be a financial burden on the public;
  3. (c) Is, will or might increase the frequency of claims or lawsuits;
  4. (d) Is, will or might adversely affect the affordability accessibility and/or availability of insurance;
  5. (e) Is, will or might adversely affect the Defendant’s reputation;
  6. (f) Is, will or might contribute to an alleged "insurance crisis" or liability crisis in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Bottom line:(1) Do not fall for an advertising lawyer’s claims – see for yourself if the lawyer you want actually goes to court, tries cases and is competent in court. (2) Do not let insurance company lawyers talk about things that have nothing to do with the car crash, the negligence defendants conduct, or the harms and losses you have sustained. (3) Get legal counsel sooner, rather than later, in a car accident that has caused disability, permanent injury or death.

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