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Doug Elliott was hurt on the job. He sustained a burst fracture to his spine while working construction. Doug was an amazing man with a wife and 2 kids who he loved dearly. He was in great physical condition before this accident and enjoyed physical work and recreation. Mr. Elliott did all he
could to get better. He underwent spinal surgeries, and countless hours of physical therapy. He and his wife came to Abrams Landau for representation against the insurance company in his
workers’ compensation claim. The employers insurance company’s representatives did all they
could to minimize and delay Mr. Elliott’s medical care. His pain treatment and rehabilitation were manipulated by “nurse case managers”. Doug wanted desperately to be nondependent on pain
medications; his inabilities to support and engage with his family led to depression and withdrawal.

After years of battling the pain and inability to support his family Mr. Elliott walked into the office of his psychiatrist and stabbed himself with an ice pick. He simply couldn’t cope any longer. He had asked the insurer for treatments involving more strength training and less prescriptive treatment. He had never abused prescriptive care. He simply couldn’t tolerate feeling disoriented and removed from his family and the world around him. Doug Elliott was a smart guy. He knew that the doctor would call for help. When the police arrived on the scene he rushed toward them with the ice pick, knowing that they would be forced to shoot. Doug died of what is termed “police assisted suicide”. His wife called us the day of his death to let us know about it. EVERYONE in our office shed tears for Doug Elliott, his wife Kim and his children Ryan and Danielle. Abrams Landau settled with the insurance company on behalf of the Elliott family after we won the case in court. The insurer’s “nurse case manager” has left that field of work. Doug’s wife and kids are healing slowly, They miss their husband and father. They speak out for suicide prevention. We speak out against insurers who delay, deny and degrade injury claims and injured people.

Read our most recent note from Doug Elliott’s wife Kim:

“Please keep up the great work and Keep fighting for victims like
my husband, we are the only voice they have. I am so proud to
say that you were not only a great attorney but excellent friends.
You have stood by my family side after the whole loss and I
appreciate that. Thanks. Keep in touch. Keep fighting for the
many people that deserve LIFE and JUSTICE. Remember if you
ever need me for anything call I will be there.”

The insurance company accused Mr. Elliott of abuse of pain meds, but after his death they found multiple bottles unused. Mr. Elliot wanted to free himself of dependance, and the insurance company refused to help. Insurers place blame on injured people in order to avoid paying for treatments that will help patients to heal.


  1. Gravatar for Bruce Junker

    I feel like I am living Mr. Elliots life except I have received no treatment for my 2 spinal injuries; Saskatchewan Workers Compensation here in Canada, has minimized and marginalized me right out the door; What started out as a shoulder injury was made MILLION times worse by my case manager Sylvia Tarasoff Scarback at the Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board;

    My physicians wishes and the neurosurgeons recommendations for further treatment have been denied by workers compensation. If they get a report that supports further treatment they just expedite you to another of their PUPPY-MILL Doctors who they pay HUGE sums of money to write reports that you can go back to work like nothing ever happened;

    (don't expect any tests other than a x-ray because you won't get any real tests, even if you do, workers comp will dispute the diagnose so no further investigation will be forthcoming.)

    If I could work, I would be working! With 2 spinal injuries DIAGNOSED! You would expect to get some HELP. However Workers Compensation is the worst BAD FAITH INSURANCE PROVIDER on this planet; So my injuries have received very limited tests to diagnose my reason for +++++++++++PAIN;

    Throughout my claim file, I have discovered NEGLIGENCE, MALPRACTICE, MISFEASANCE, MALFEASANCE, LIBEL, SLANDER,


    I have also considered taking my life out of sheer determination to end this horrible ++++++++++++PAIN: However if I do that, (and it might come someday) I feel I would be cheating other injured workers out of knowing what happened to me and why workers comp does the very things they do;

    Here are some things I have found out about Workers Compensation and their quest to deny Injured Workers Help;

    #1. Never speak with anyone about your claim unless you are recording it for further evidence, because workers compensation employees will twist the words you have spoken to deny you help;

    #2. If you have any money or resources, borrow or beg to get money to get properly diagnosed before workers compensation cripples you with their LIES, and denials for treatment from Doctors and Specialists;

    #3. Get everything in writing, workers comp employees will lie and cheat you out of your health recovery even if it means breaking the law;

    #4. Many workers advocates are payed from the workers compensation fund and actually work against you to DENY you help and prevent you from getting benefits of medical care and wage replacement or retraining;

    Be very careful when returning to work on medications that Physicians have prescribed due to the consequence of your injury, these prescriptions have side effects that may cause you to be further injured;

    Immediately get a copy of your injury claim file and DO NOT TRUST anyone; Many injured workers have been denied help due to Doctors who are GUILTY of MALPRACTICE; NEGLIGENCE; BREACH OF DUTY OF CARE; Make sure you are informed with what your physician has written to workers compensation, many physicians won't HELP injured workers and do everything possible to help workers compensation DENY you benefits;

    Above all; Try to stay calm, bring along someone as a witness to every interview and examination. Record everything for further proceedings; Hopefully you won't need it, but if you do, you will be thankful you have it;


    Injured and Abused by Sask WCB

  2. Gravatar for Doug Landau

    Mr. Janker,

    You make some excellent suggestions, and I will share them with our clients and readers. We do make a point of reviewing the OFFICIAL comp files for and with our clients; we remind them to keep everything organized and in writing; and, we agree that returning to work while on strong medications maybe a recipe for disaster. I am sorry to hear about your situation, and I agree that getting prompt proper medical attention is critically important. dkwl

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