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While I expect ALL of my clients to be followed, filmed and investigated by the insurance company for the negligent defendants, their high-priced defense counsel and the private investigators they hire, most jurors are completely clueless as to these practices by the insurance industry. The jury has no idea that the injured victim has had his or her records reviewed by defense lawyers and has had to answer many private and nosey questions, under oath, that can never be asked at trial. Furthermore, as soon as the insurance company gets word of the accident, before the victim has filed a claim or sought legal counsel, the insurer for the Defendant has had them "indexed." Being "indexed," means that the insurance company has performed a search of its, and other insurance companies’ records, to see what medical care, cases, accidents, claims, court records and other data they can get on the victim. The insurance company also gets taped or written statements from the witnesses, and even the injured victim while they are still recovering, in the hospital or under heavy pain or other medication as the result of the defective and dangerous premises designed, built and/or maintained by the negligent corporate defendants !

The reason I assume every client of the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU is being "tailed" from their home and workplaces, investigated, "snooped on" and put under surveillance, is because our Virginia injury and disability team selects cases involving permanent injury, long term disability, surgical care and/or wrongful death. The clients seeking help at the Landau Law Shop as victims whose cases present over $50,000 in medical bills and lost wages, as well as permanent scarring, injury and/or disability from work. Spending several thousands of dollars to hire private investigators to look for "dirt" on the victims, their families, friends and witnesses, may save the insurance companies a lot of money. This is especially true if the plaintiff is a fraud, litigious, hiding pre-existing medical conditions or otherwise not being honest. At ABRAMS LANDAU, we do not want to represent those dishonest people. In tomorrow’s post, we will look at how this investigation is used by the insurance company, and how it is not used…

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