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His finger was deformed; lifting his shoulder was difficult and his hands were swollen like a boxer’s from trying to get the fighting dogs off his chest. My friend, a military veteran, recounted how he tried to save an old Border Collie from death at the jaws of a trained killer.

My friend, who is a very large fellow, told me that he saw a man release a pit bull dog from a call with instructions to attack the collie. The Pit Bull got its teeth into the collie’s neck and was trying to sever the wind pipe. My friend tired to wrestle the dogs apart. When the pit bull released its jaws’ grip for a moment to spit out its victim’s fur, my friend tried to jam his balled up shirt into its mouth, since punching at the attacking animal seemed to do no good. As he lay on the ground with the two dogs on top of him, the rescuer nearly had his ring finger chewed off by the pit bull. His arthritic right shoulder sustained a torn rotator cuff injury and his blood pressure and distress could itself have been fatal.

Law enforcement officers informed him that there are people in the Baltimore area who train these dogs to attack other canines for "sport." That this pit bull bypassed the people and went right for the aged border collie supports this contention. In addition, when the police went looking for the attacking animal’s tetanus shot records, they found out that the owner and trainer had had their pit bulls treated for similar attack injuries at the same veterinarian’s office ! Everyone at the Herndon Law firm ABRAMS LANDAU hopes that the trainers and owners of these vicious animals are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The injury and mayhem these "sport attack pit bulls" cause residents of Baltimore, Maryland and elsewhere are inexcusable in any decent society. Perhaps the combination of criminal prosecution and civil action for all of the harms and losses caused by these Defendants’ unsafe decisions will reduce the number and severity of these Maryland dog attack incidents. I also hope my heroic friend’s injuries heal quickly and completely.


  1. Gravatar for Bullybob

    For everyone of the people that train these dogs to be vicious there are probably twice as many that are trying to stop this and help the image of the pit bull type dog. I have volunteered for years at an animal shelter and have two adopted pit bull type dogs. With the right owner, who is responsible and knows the character of these types of dogs they can be a great companion.

  2. Gravatar for Doug Landau

    Dear BB: Thank you for your efforts. I agree that the wrong owner or trainer can cause an otherwise good dog to become a lethal weapon. One of the problems is that some people buy these dogs with the specific intent to train them to fight, maim and kill other dogs. The people who turn these dogs over "to the dark side" should be prosecuted in order to dissuade others from taking innocent puppies and converting them into mayhem makers.

  3. Gravatar for Doug Landau

    I meant to add that there may be a time and place for training pit bulls and other breeds of dogs when there is a need for protection of premises, police assistance and military service. With the dogs' better hearing, sense of smell and faster foot speed, guarding large facilities is a task for which they may be well-suited. Plus they bark, are not affected by electrical outages and can get in/out of smaller spaces than their human handlers.

  4. Gravatar for SaneSolutionSeekerr

    It is never the dog's fault: dogs have no morals, control no aspect of their lives. It is the breeder's fault that these dogs exist and are the experts at fighting, having the abilities and instinct to fight, maul, kill; pit bulls continue to be the choice of dogfighters for these reasons. We cannot adopt our way out of killing pits at pounds. Many are acquired for reasons other than companionship; pit bulls suffer disproportionately from severe abuse, neglect, abandonment, young death, often by the hand of their owners. Dog fighting is now illegal; let these fighting breeds become extinct. Free, mandatory spay/neuter microchipping for all pits/pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs.

  5. Gravatar for Doug Landau

    Breeders looking to sell a "dangerous dog" are often to blame for these attacks and these animals' deaths at the pounds is indeed tragic.

    However, you raise an interesting point that I left out of the above post. When my friend tried to grab the attacking dog's genitals in a desperate effort to get the pit bull to let go of the collie's throat, he found that it had been neutered, so this stratagem was to no avail.

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