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Tall dogs, fuzzy dogs, dogs that fit into purses; all of them are called man’s best friend. Fortunately, that is true of most house dogs, but sometimes we are sadly reminded that dogs are animals and are not rational. For this reason liability and casualty insurance companies are charging higher rates to cover dogs or just not covering some breeds.

Dog attacks account for about 25% of home owner claims. The cost of coverage has gone up about 6.4% more in 2009 than in the prior 12 months, with the average claim exceeding $24,000 for the third straight year, an industry group said.

This is why many insurance carriers are not even covering certain breeds (rottweilers, dobermans, pit bulls, etc.) and dropping coverage on animals if they have any history of violence. One reason for the change in U.S. home insurance practices is the exposures presented by rising medical costs, plastic surgery for permanent dog bite scars and long-term emotional harm these animal attacks can cause, according to a Bloomberg Report.

The Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. has recently been contacted by several victims of dog attacks in the Mid-Atlantic region. Doug Landau, an experienced attorney in canine attacks, notes “In some car accidents, the injured plaintiff never sees the defendant trucker or hit and run motorist. But in dog attack cases, the innocent victim feels the teeth, claws and grabbing; sees the dog, hears the sounds of the attack, and can even smell and sometimes taste the dog’s saliva on her face. These are nightmarish experiences for anyone. The results the Landau Law Shop has had throughout the East Coast suggest that juries and judges take these harms and losses very seriously.”

Landau adds, “These are not ‘accidents,” they are usually intentional attacks and should be treated differently from an ‘accident case.” If you have questions regarding dog attacks or animal bite injuries, please e-mail or call us (703-796-9555) at The Herndon Law Shop, as there are legal time limits to bringing a claim for the losses caused by a dangerous dog’s attack.

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