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My friend and experienced Richmond injury lawyer Josh Silverman settled a pit bull attack case. His client was bitten by a pit bull at a crowded festival. Plaintiff’s counsel could not find any evidence that the dog had any prior attacks. It is often said in Virginia, "Every dog gets one FREE bite." In other words, if there is no proof of prior bites, attacks, knock-downs or other aggressive behavior, the owners cannot be said to have had "notice" of their dog’s dangerous traits.

In this pit bull attack case, the injured dog attack victim’s lawyer hired a dog trainer with no expert witness litigation experience but great credentials in dog training to review the case. The dog trainer believed that pit bulls can be fine pets, but they need appropriate training. Without training they can react dangerously in “stressful” situations like large crowds. Such an expert can help formulate the appropriate questions to ask about the raising of the dog to help assess the strengths and merits of the dog bite case. Experts do not need court room experience to testify about animal safety at trial. The ABRAMS LANDAU law firm has used investigators to find out whether there were "prior similar incidents," or other bites, attacks, or other aggressive behavior in our Virginia cases, in order to show "notice" to the dog owner such that they can be held responsible in a claim for damages.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a dog or other animal caused by someone else’s negligence or fault, e-mail or call us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. (703-796-9555) at once.

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    So why only talk about " Pit Bulls" , they aren't the only breeds who attack . Just yesterday, a mother witnessed her two sons Wayne(13) & Sean Darling (12) attacked by their family Collie . Wayne added " I lifted the covers & my leg had been ripped to shreds" .Mother cried " Wayne was lying in a pool of blood & the whole sofa was covered in Sean's blood " " There was blood on the Walls ". What, do we ban all Collies now ? What is their excuse for attacking, I mean all Pits are so vicious because they were bred to fight & bait . Why would a Collie do this, what is their excuse ? Pit Bull or NOT- all bites are Preventable & are/ will Always be the Human's Fault. If you can't control that Dog- you shouldn't own it . We are the Humans & blaming a weaker being makes YOU WEAK . If my dog bites someone, put me in Jail- don't blame my dog . Like it or not, Pit bull or any breed they are all DOMESTICATED WOLVES .

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