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Having helped victims of canine attacks and dog bites, the Herndon injury law firm of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., receives notification of other similar cases from around the country. While the laws may vary from state to state, dog bite lawyer Doug Landau is always interested to compare how other attorneys prove the injured animal attack victims’ injuries and losses. The trial team at the Landau Law Shop has helped victims of dog attacks throughout the East Coast. We recently got notice of a New York City personal injury case that involved several vicious dogs. A Russian immigrant was taking a walk on the Rockaway Boardwalk when a vicious pack of dogs attacked and mauled him. The man sued the City of New York and was awarded a settlement of 3 million dollars. Why did the city have to pay if the dogs did not belong to the city?

First of all, the attack was a very violent one. The dogs (two rottweilers, a pit bull and two mutts) chewed off both his ears, gnawed off parts of his scalp and left him legally blind. Second, this was not just some random pack of dogs. The city had been alerted to the dangerous nature of these dogs multiple times. A particularly heartbreakingNew York Magazine article describes the mauling of a woman’s beloved dog by this wild pack, and the city’s refusal to acknowledge her complaints about them. The pack of dogs was actually kept by an old, homeless, Greek immigrant who bred his original two dogs he received in the 60’s into the 50- dog pack he now housed in his abandoned parking lot he calls home. The New York Times actually ran a profile on him, describing him as an eccentric character who trained dogs to hunt wild boar back in his hometown in Macedonia. So when the pack became violent, the dogs were not unknown to the New York Police Department. If they had cared to recognize the many complaints against the pack of mutts, they could have easily located and removed the dangerous dogs from the streets long before an attack like the one could occur.

The 83-year-old victim now lives in a single apartment in Rockaway with round the clock aid. A second lawsuit from the woman who came to the elderly man’s aid was just settled. She received $750,00 from the City for the injuries she sustained.

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