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The lag in processing of Social Security Disability claims is an issue we at Abrams Landau have been dealing with for years. In 2007 Mr. Landau posted a blog with statistics on such claims. At the time average processing by the federal government for these claims was 508 days.

More than 2/3rd of claimants are denied benefits at the first administrative level. A CBS News investigation video published in January of 2008 accentuates the problems with the Federal claims system. As the CBS report states, denials are tossed at people left and right with the assumption that claimants will give up and go away. As many as 16,000 people die a year waiting on decisions or appeals. My message to you is DON’T give up. With support and documentation this office has been over 95% successful in the appeals process. Legal representation is key in these claims in order to deal with the paperwork and deadlines the system throws at the claimant, but the benefits you are entitled to CAN BE collected.

Questions about your Social Security Disability Denial and a possible appeal should be directed to Dianna Meredith in our office or to Mr. Landau. If you’ve made the required payments into the system and been fully disabled from work for a full year then your application should eventually succeed.


  1. Gravatar for Ed

    I don't see anything about the collusion by lawyers that have a standard fee of $5300.00 per claim. I did all the filings and letters on my case. All my lawyer had to do was to show up in court for the appeal hearing, and his fee was $5300. for four hours in court; your chances of winning without a lawyer are very slim because it's a big club. The judge is a lawyer too. I paid into the system all of my working life, and if this was a private insurance company, they would have been put out of business. If national health care is going to be run like this govt run system, many more people will die waiting for treatment, and your going to need a lawyer if the govt turns you down for a test or operation.

    I had 2 heart attacks, and three other operations. All of my doctors declared me unemployable, but I was turned down 2 times, automatically. The SSI system exists by and for lawyers. I have a friend that wrote to the head of the department that writes the denial letters. The person that heads that department claimed that 13 % of all first time applicants are approved. A little research revealed that that 13% were terminal, and many had to seek emergency motions in court to get their benefits before they died. Many did die before they got to court. SSI hopes to discourage applicants, and while the applicant goes through the intolerably long process, families lose their homes, their credit, their cars, and far too many marriages end in divorce due to the strain of waiting for benefits. If people bought a private policy instead of being taxed through their payroll for this terrible SSI scam, they would have their money in months instead of years. This is just an example of how the govt cannot administer anything properly. This system should be investigated, and those that are administering it should be indicted for , mis, mal, and non feasance of office.

  2. Gravatar for Melissa Landau

    Thanks Ed for your comment. We agree that the system is a mess. As for collusion by lawyers: We represent many people who have failed without legal help to get benefits. Only if we are able to help them turn over the decision do we get paid. The $5,300 number you talk about is a cap based on a maximum payout. Granted, much of what firms do in SSDI claims is paperwork, but it's paperwork that is a confusing and overwhelming mess to many claimants. We also help our claimants by assisting them with Drs. reports that help win the case.

    It's an ugly and confusing process. This office is here to help. And once again, we don't get paid unless we do.

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