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My father’s not the bad guy! … Who is?

I recently posted a blog, Frivolous Lawsuits: My Dad Is Not The Bad Guy, which emphasized his fight for justice in a time when personal injury attorneys are being blasted by business interest groups as money hungry pests who file outrageous claims.

My father, has, for many years, represented people from all walks of life injured on the job or through the negligence of another person.

People who call Abrams Landau Ltd with injuries often ask why they need an attorney like Doug to help them. We try to explain that the insurance companies responsible for paying these claims have attorneys and adjusters who are trained to delay and decrease the compensation they pay people who have been hurt.

The insurance companies have done a great job of convincing America that Personal Injury attorneys and personal injury claims are the “problem”. The real “problem” is that these companies sell employers and individuals policies and then refuse and delay the claims and compensation they promise in their policies.

That is why Attorneys like Doug Landau are more important than ever in their role of representing people who have been hurt.

The insurance companies are paying for tough legal battles. If you or someone you know has been hurt, then a representative like my dad is a necessity. My dad fights for the injured as hard as those insurers fight to delay and avoid fair payment.

Here are some examples of Insurance companies and the ploys they use to avoid making payments to injured people.

1. Allstate is number one at succeeding in its attempts to “lowball claims” and fighting and denying claims at any cost.

2. UNUM: Specializing in disability claims, UNUM denied the claim of a woman with multiple sclerosis for three years, stating her conditions were “self-reported,” contrary to doctors’ evaluations. In 2005, UNUM agreed to a settlement with insurance commissioners from 48 states over their practices.

3. AIG, described by commentators as “the new Enron,” has engaged in massive corporate fraud and claims abuses. In 2006, the company paid $1.6 billion to settle a host of fraud and abuse charges.

Doug Landau and attorneys like him are fighting to bring justice and comfort to citizens who are damaged, by these insurance companies.

Read more about my father’s fight for justice.

I’ll be posting more about this topic, including more insurance company information that will help you to see the bigger picture. Please stay posted.


  1. Gravatar for Steve Lombardi

    I've discovered a new tactic used in workers' compensation cases. For the past 30 years I've represented workers seriously injured on the job who get a weekly check. Some have been for more than 10 years. Without exception the checks always stop coming and no one in the insurance company can explain what caused the stoppage or delay. Well, after 30 years of watching and listening it's pretty obvious to me. The ins. co. bean counters have the accounting and computer departments program into the system for the checks to stop. It's my belief they do this for several reasons. 1. So the claimant has to come forward to make sure he/she is still alive. 2. To make the insured more miserable and frustrated so that sooner or later they are willing to settle just to get the ins. co. out of their lives.

    Works like a charm. The dead clients never step forward and everyone dealing with insurance claim departments is miserable; making them more miserable seems to wear down even the most ardent widows and widowers.

    Bad faith law in Iowa is almost nonexistent. The hurdles to prove bad faith are so tall that only an insurance company exec with the company’s Leer jet could ever get over them while on his way to pick his next unearned bonus check.

    Well written article. Keep up the good work.

  2. Gravatar for Julia Olijnyk Selah RN MS ANP-C Life Care Planner
    Julia Olijnyk Selah RN MS ANP-C Life Care Planner

    Having worked with hundreds of attorneys in the personal injury field for 25 years, I have only run across less than 5 wishing to pursue "frivolous lawsuits" which, fortunately, never materialized. The law simply did not allow for success towards that end. The term seems to be overused and more of a misnomer than reality, in my vast experience, fortunately. Great article, Danielle! Keep up the great work Doug Landau!

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