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Considering the current economic climate – Economic stimulus packages, banks being bailed out, unemployment on the rise, etc., it’s not a surprise that less people are seeking out attorneys, even when they have valid claims.

In addition, most of our clients start out asking us an important question, namely, “What will I owe you for these services?” or “What do I have to pay?” Those things lead me to believe that not many understand the field of negligence or workers compensation: we do not get paid unless you do.

A client may need to pay for some costs up front, but we can work with clients in difficult financial situations if we decide to take your case. The important thing is to pick up that phone, or keyboard, as the case may be, and let someone know what your situation is and that you may be looking for representation. While some small, simple cases are best handled by the client, often an attorney’s involvement is needed if you have been injured. Further, you may not even know it is a complicated case without a real knowledge of the law.

While that claims adjuster may seem initially nice to you, they are not working for you; they are working against you. Time is also working against you: there is not just a statute of limitation issue (the time in which you have to file a lawsuit) but spoiling evidence. Witnesses need to be found, pictures need to be taken, even your memory will fade as time goes by, cases actually can get more expensive as time goes by due to rushing and expedited fees.

The call isn’t going to cost you; you should pick up a phone and call an attorney.

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