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The following safety checklist from the Rocky Rural Electrification Association ("RREA")came across electrical injury lawyer Doug Landau’s desk recently. The RREA provides complete Power Distribution services to its members. Their Safety Checklist includes the following considerations: Are all trees in the yard free and clear from overhead power lines? Are your farmyard buildings located the following recommended distances away from power lines: Barns-at least 30 feet(9 metres), House-at least 50 feet (15 metres), Bale and haystacks-at least 30 feet (9 metres), Granaries-at least 30 feet (9 metres) Are your propane and fuel tanks located at least 30 feet (9 metres) away from the power lines? Are worn or frayed extension cords thrown away? When you work outdoors do you locate ladders so they will never contact utility wires? Are overhead wires in the farmyard area and those neat field entrances high enough to adequately clear machinery? Do you always lower grain augers and cultivator wings before going under power lines? Have you had overhead lines relocated underground to avoid contact with high vehicles in the farmyard? Are outside outlets weatherproof and installed with ground fault circuit interrupters? Are all electrical appliances and power tools used around the farm CSA approved? Do you unplug tools and equipment that are not being used? Do all outlets have three pronged receptacles to provide proper grounding of electrical tools and appliances? Are fuses and switches labeled properly to prevent confusion in an emergency? Do family members and all hired farm workers know where and how to disconnect power in case of an electrical emergency? Do family members and all hired farm workers know first aid for electrical shock and burns? If you, or someone you know, has been injured in an electrical system or on the job electrification accident, please e-mail or call us at ABRAMS LANDAU (703-796-9555)

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