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Trying two Social Security Disability cases on the same morning in DC requires a lot of preparation. We had invested time, resources and money in our clients’ spinal cord injury cases and felt ready to go to trial. Special medical reports were secured from the treating doctors and a highly regarded vocational expert was retained, interviewed the disabled and prepared evidence for the Federal Administrative Law Judge.

But having met with the families, the disabled claimant and the expert vocational witness, my clients and I were shocked to see a lawyer walk into the waiting room and ask if "Mrs. X" was there. Mrs. X asked if he was her lawyer ! We could not believe what we were seeing. The lawyer said he was covering for another lawyer. Mrs. X said she had never spoken to the lawyer he was "covering" for; she only spoked to a paralegal ! They then met, for the first time, moments before they had to appear before the judge. We felt so sorry for them. Mrs. X looked so nervous and their lawyer appeared so unprepared. I don’t think they were going to get a "fully favorable" opinion. I hope they did, but we do not think that they will. If you, someone in your family or a friend, is seeking Social Security disability benefits, then get a good, experienced lawyer that you can visit with, prepare with and win with. You, your family and your friends deserve to be ready for the "day in court."


  1. Gravatar for steve d. gibson

    I am a former U.S.MARINE DISABLED VETERAN who was honerably and medically discharged from the marines july 1, 1995. in 1997, the DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS in Florida filed a social security disability claim for me...because of me terrible physical and pschycological condition(s). MY CLAIM IS STILL PENDING!!!! in a few months my claim will go before a panel of 3 judges...(whatever it's called). I have about 5.5 to 6 years of back pay in question on the line...!!! However, my attorney...a large firm out of tampa, florida..and I live way up in the florida panhandle...Panama city,fl ara: my attoney kinda reminds me of the article above! My attorney has over 3500 pages of medical and mental health treatment records on me, mostly VA, and still can't seem to get it right!!!! I wonder will he read this.....I have to wait 2.5 more weeks before I can get a " appointment" with him!!! Somebody please give this ole' wore out beat up and broke down US MARINE some goood advise/assistance. GOD BLESS AND SEMPER FI!

  2. Gravatar for Doug Landau

    Dear Mr. Gibson,

    First, thank you for your service to our country. Secondly, it is not clear whether you are going before a Federal Court on your Social Security Disability claim OR some VA procedure.

    Write out your questions for you lawyer and make sure that you are satisfied with his preparation for any Hearing where you will be testifying. Also remember that the judges may not be able to get through all 3,500 pages of medical records, so having the treating doctors provide summary Functional or Psychological Capacity Evaluations may help you and your counsel get the result you seek. Good luck, Doug Landau

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