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Most bike helmets are designed to withstand one severe impact of crash. Bike safety lawyer Doug Landau has seen the effects on skulls, brains and faces after crashes that involved multiple helmet impacts. Once the integrity of the bicycle helmet has been compromised, whether the crack or fissure is large or small, it should be discarded and replaced. A cracked or damaged bike helmet simply will not give the bicyclist the protection that it was designed to provide.

Bicyclists participating in many triathlons must have their helmets inspected for cracks, breaks, missing straps and other unsafe conditions. Once the biker’s helmet passes inspection, the triathlete usually gets a sticker to show that his or her helmet is safe. At last week’s local triathlon, registration volunteer Doug Landau was approached by a bicyclist whose helmet failed inspection. This biker asked the Herndon injury lawyer to get a sticker from the inspectors so that he could ride with a cracked helmet ! Sports injury and bike crash lawyer Landau explained that he had a broken helmet collection at the Landau Law Shop from clients and friends who had been badly injured in crashes. Leesburg and Loudoun County bike accident lawyer Landau added that other volunteers were right to reject the unsafe head protection. The registrant protested further, so Landau promised to bring his own USAT approved helmet to the race for him to wear at the Triathlon the next day. ABRAMS LANDAU attorney Doug Landau often brings extra swim goggles, bicycle wheels and helmets to Triathlons and Duathlons, as he has also been in situations where he has needed to borrow necessary sports equipment and bike components from other racers. Bottom line, if your helmet is damaged or cracked, get a replacement or bring a spare to the races, because the bike safety inspectors will not, and should not allow an unsafe bike helmet to be worn.

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