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Where do I wait until my case is heard?

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Herdon Reston injury lawyer Doug Landau likes to say, "If you can watch another Hearing, do so. But if the court rooms are locked, then wait in the foyer". Be careful what you say, as you do not want a juror or opposing witness to overhear you.

When clients are having cases heard in the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, the ABRAMS LANDAU workplace injury team reccomends always watching other cases, especially if there is a long time until your own Hearing. Once the time of your Hearing arrives, you might meet me in the foyer of the Northern Virginia Regional Office in Fairfax. Prosperity Plaza is not a court building, so it does not look like a court house. It is an office building and the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission is located on the ground floor, accessible from both the inside and outside of the building. Comfy chairs and staff members that are eager to help greet you as you enter. As long as the details of your case are not discussed where they can be overheard by an Insurance Company, a third party administrator, or an employer, you can relax until the court room is opened and your lawyer enters the court house as well.