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Protecting your eyes

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Having sustained eye laceration at work and other ocular injuries, I know how painful and disabling they can be. After one accident, I had to wear an eye patch and thus did not have good stereoscopic vision and three dimensional depth perception. It is important to protect your eyesight and to take the proper steps after an eye injury.

The first rule of thumb, which I admit I have violated, is DO. NOT. RUB.

In one instance, I have rubbed my eye after getting something in it, only to find out that it was a small piece of glass and my rubbing caused multiple cuts on the surface of the eye which took a long time and medications to heal. So, do not do what I did – do not rub an eye with a foreign object in it – you may cause more harm than good !

In tomorrow’s post, we will have additional safety information for protecting your eyes at home and in the workplace. Eye injuries, when not treated correctly, can prove to be devastating.