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Posers Piss Me Off !

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An article about criminals posing as construction workers in Manassas Virginia caught my attention. I have a problem with "posers" and dishonesty. As we advise potential clients at the Landau Law Shop, "if you do not tell the truth, you will get to join a very exclusive club – the ‘ex-Doug Landau client club’ !" In one case, a workers compensation claimant told me that he had been working for cash and his medical records reflected that he told his treating doctor the same thing. When I advised that the comp carrier and Commission would need to be notified, he exclaimed, "They no can prove it." We discussed the penalties for perjury (lying under oath), and that I would not put someone on the witness stand that I knew would not tell the truth. Since he refused to allow me to notify the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, we discharged him as a client despite the fact there was a sizable settlement offer on the case. Because of my reputation for veracity, when he met with several subsequent lawyers and they called me to find out why we gave him his "walking papers," they too took a pass on representing him.

The Washington Examiner article that got me on this track had to do with a drug smuggling ring in Prince William County. Selling Cocaine at a Burger King or gas station in Manassas, the criminals came from Catlett Virginia and posed as construction workers, wearing safety vests and driving white construction vans. It is hoped that this drug trafficking gang is sentenced to the maximum penalty under the law, as their counterfeit construction worker charade makes legitimate tradesmen and women look bad in the public eye.