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"Marketing" does not mean grocery shopping for disabled workers !

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Injured workers in Virginia are advised, when they receive their "Notice of Hearing" that they had better be prepared to provide evidence of "Marketing." In the section titled, "Proving a job search: If you were only partially disabled, you may have to prove that you looked for a light duty job." The courts call this search for work "marketing." The Virginia Workers Compensation Commission ("VWCC") considers a number of factors when deciding whether marketing is sufficient. If the judge finds the injured worker’s job search efforts were "insufficient" or that they were not reasonable under the circumstances, benefits can be denied or terminated. For further information from the VWC, click this link

Unless you are bedridden (under doctor’s orders), in a coma or institutionalized due to your injuries or occupational disease, the workers comp deputy commissioners will expect that you have made regular, reasonable and realistic marketing efforts. Failure to show proof of these efforts can and will result in benefits ending. That is why it is important to work with an experienced workers compensation trial attorney, one who actually tries injured workers’ cases, so that proper preparations can be made for your "day in court."