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Marketing and keeping track of job search efforts still required despite “down economy”

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Marketing residual physical abilities and conducting consistent job search efforts is critical to the receipt of benefits after a "light duty work" release according to Herndon and Sterling Virginia workers compensation lawyer Doug Landau. However, many ABRAMS LANDAU clients suggest that this is an exercise in futility in light of recent economic trends.

According the Herndon Connection newspaper +Fairfax County’s unemployment rate reached 4.7 percent in September, approximately 1.8 percent higher than it was during the same month a year earlier. During August, the number of jobs in Northern Virginia declined by 13,000, approximately 1 percent, overall. It was the region’s 10th straight month of job losses, though Northern Virginia still has the lowest jobless rate in the Commonwealth, at 4.9 percent overall. In September, Virginia, with the fifth lowest unemployment rate in the county, was 6.6 percent. While Fairfax’s economy remains strong when compared to other parts of the country, the county’s jobless rate never exceeded four percent during its previous two economic downturns, according to budget documents. Fairfax County unemployment insurance claims also increased 116 percent from July 2008 to July 2009. Fairfax and Loudoun County Lawyer Landau maintains that despite these dismal economic numbers, injured workers must still show regular, recorded efforts of marketing. Failure to demonstrate consistent efforts to look for selective duty employment can result in a suspension or termination of weekly wage loss benefits