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Lawyers Get the Blame For Football Negotiations

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Sports fans all over the country have been following the National Football League’s negotiations with the Players’ Union. Under the title, "Lawyers Get the Handoff," the Washington Examiner noted "now it’s time for lawyer to hijack the game."

However, the article misses the point. The Professional Football Players’ Union wanted unlimited access to the owner’s team financial records. This would not happen in any business. The players do not "own" the franchises. They did not put up the capitol to buy the teams. They are labor. Independent audits perhaps, but not the owners’ and teams financials. The Union should be more concerned with player safety, traumatic and cumulative brain injury, orthopedic disability, longevity and post-career medical care and retirement benefits. That so many professional football players make more money than most working people, only to wind up broke, disabled and without a second career means that the Union is not looking long-term to the needs and welfare of its members. Make part of every salary deferred, guaranteed and invest in some good, long-term health and disability insurance. If every player must purchase this, then the costs will come down and the benefits will be there not just for the superstars, but linemen and lesser paid players whose bodies are battered every single week for our viewing pleasure.