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If OSHA Investigates my on the job Accident, That Means I will Win, Right ?

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Wrong. Just because OSHA investigators come on the scene of your Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC on the job accident does NOT mean that you will win your workers comp claim or personal injury case.

At the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we have seen a number of cases where OSHA came to the scene of a preventable workplace accident or fatality and the employer and their insurance company denied the claim. Furthermore, workers comp lawyer Doug Landau has tried cases where the employer received a minimal fine, a "slap on the wrist" or no penalty at all from the governmental agency charged with looking out for workers’ safety ! A violation of the general OSHA "safe workplace" mandate is not grounds in Virginia for a lawsuit or even a finding of liability on the part of the negligent employer or company owners.

Further compounding the public’s lack of respect for OSHA is its inadequate staffing after the Bush Administration gutted it and the fact that it covers such a small percentage of American workplaces, as described in detail in yesterday’s post. In part because of OSHA’s emasculation, it is even more imperative that courageous trial lawyers take unsafe employers to court, so that the injured, maimed and those who have lost loved ones can receive fair compensation and so that the public is made aware of dangerous companies.

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  1. Fred Lugo says:
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    OSHA is just a big bureaucratic federal agency. Their investigation can take months and their decisions don’t always favor you. http://www.digitalundivide.com/youtube—get-free-auto-car-insurance-quotes-and-compare-rates