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Evidence of marketing – showing that you tried to look for light duty work

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In many states, the injured worker must present evidence that they have taken reasonable steps to market their residual physical capacities and abilities to return to light duty work. The kinds of evidence permitted can take many forms. The judge will want to see consistent, reasonable and documented attempts to return to work that is consistent with the treating doctor’s light work restrictions and limitations as well as the injured worker’s education, training, transferrable skills and employment experience. Abrams Landau clients have succeeded in meeting this burden of proof in Virginia, Maryland and DC comp claims with the following evidence:

  • Day planners with weekly entries
  • Newspaper "want ads" with the advertisements marked up
  • Computer printout of e-mails, applications and responses
  • Post cards received showing that an online or paper application was received
  • Wall calendars, month at a glance and refrigerator pinups,
  • Copies of actual applications
  • Correspondence showing registration with the Department of Rehabilitative Services, Maryland, DC or Virginia Employment Commission, Department of Education, etc.

At the Landau Law Shop, we encourage looking for light duty work options early and often, and that written records be kept, in whatever format will enable the injured worker to be able to show a judge what activities where during during a particular week months later.