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Can I use Health Insurance for an on the job accident ?

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In a word, "yes." When injured workers or their families call the Herndon Law Shop, and their claims have been denied, they are at a loss as to what to do. Whe "EOBs" ("Explanation OF Benefits" forms and billing statements may reflect that the condition is from a "workplace injury" or "car accident" which raises red flags to the Health Insurance Company, which then often denies the doctors’ or hospitals’ bills.

  • What happens when the Comp Insurance Company denies the claim ? Does Health Insurance Step in ?

In some cases, the injured worker’s lawyer will submit a copy of the worker compensation insurance company’s denial letter so that the health insurance that the disabled worker has paid for can cover the charges without the claimant’s credit being adversely affected. Then, when the workers comp claim is won or settled, the health insurance company can be paid back on their "IOU." This is one of many reasons why it is important to have competent, experienced legal counsel assisting in all serious on the job accident and permanent injury cases and coordinating the several types of insurance that may apply to the medical bills.