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Deadly "trailer sway" – the hidden dangers of RVs


Trailer sway can be deadly. This phenomenon occurs when a "Recreational Vehicle" ("RV") is met by a crosswind, passing truck or other sideways wind source. Having driven an RV, Broadlands and Broad Run injury lawyer Doug Landau has experienced firsthand how difficult these large vehicle are to handle on the open road under windy conditions. "Even though I could see far down the road, it took intense attention and anticipation to safely drive the RV to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia with my kids in the back" the experienced traveler and trial lawyer noted.

Virginia RV crash injury lawyer Doug Landau notes that educating RV drivers about "trailer sway" can help prevent accidents and death on the roadways. Trailer sway is very difficult to bring under control, even if you do everything right. Taking the wrong action can quickly turn trailer sway into a deadly crash. One of the problems RV drivers encounter is that they are not advised about the hazards of trailer sway. RV salesmen do not give the innocent purchasers information on how they should react in the event of trailer sway. Yet an RV is often as big as a large truck and can cause devastation if not handled properly.

If you or someone you know has been injured by an out of control RV or motor home that had "trailer sway," please contact ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. or give us a call at 703-796-9555.


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    Trailer sway does not have to occur if the trailer is equipped with the proper equipment. I have been in the trailer sway eliminating business for over 13 years. To effectively eliminate trailer sway RVers should look to install a pivot point projection hitch. Trailer sway from passing trucks, high winds, uneven road surfaces, poor trailer design and even driver inputs into the towed trailer is eliminated.

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    This is good to know. Thanks for sending this to me.