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A scare at O’Hare: Fractured kneecap and torn cartilage caused by Airport’s slippery fall

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The Chicago Tribune reported on the negligence case.

The city of Chicago has reportedly settled a personal injury lawsuit by a woman injured at O’Hare Airport when she allegedly slipped on the floor and hurt her knee.

Diana Sarkar’s attorney, Francis Patrick Murphy, says she’ll be paid $800,000.

The Corboy & Demetrio law firm announced the settlement. A message left for the city’s law office wasn’t immediately returned.

Attorneys say Sarkar was walking through O’Hare on her way to a medical conference when she slipped and fell on an "oily" substance. She fractured her kneecap and tore cartilage. The lawsuit says she was unable to work for months.

Chicago maintains O’Hare. And the lawsuit alleged the city failed to clean a spilled substance on the floor and failed to warn passengers of dropped food.