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Rave reviews for Court Previews

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There are lots of ways lawyers try to prepare their clients for court. However, all the time spent in the lawyer’s office, reading up on the case and watching movie trials pales in comparison to a field trip to the court where your case will actually be tried and seeing your lawyer “in action.”

Going to court for trial can be nerve racking. If you can eliminate much of the unknown, you will be better able to focus what is important. Just like the Hotel chain commercials, “The Best Surprise is NO Surprise.”

At Abrams Landau, Ltd., we encourage our clients to come visit the court with us and to watch us in action as we try other clients’ cases. We also show our handicapped clients where to park, how to get into the buildings and try to introduce our clients to the judge, the court clerk and bailiffs, so that it will not be an alien environment when it is their turn. If at all possible, visit the court before your “day in court.” You and your family will be glad that you did.