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Loving Changed Racial Laws in Virginia – Come See Documentary Premier

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The first time I read this case in my Constitutional Law book, I could not believe that it was real ! It did not seem possible that our country could arrest and prosecute people in the 1960s on the basis of race and marriage. Truly the story of a courageous family caught up by unjust racial laws and the trial lawyers who helped change racist policies makes for a compelling story. And this story is true. The Washington West film festival will be showing a new film about George and Mildred Loving, Thursday, November 3rd at 6:30 pm. I hope you will join Melissa and me Thursday at 6:30 pm for the premiere of the new documentary "THE LOVING STORY."

If you would like a ticket then please contact Melissa at Melissa@landaulawshop.com. As long as a seat is still available, you are welcome to be my guest. We will be meeting in front of the Reston Bow Tie Cinema Theatre in Reston Town Center, Virginia, just off the Dulles Toll Road (Route #267) at 6 pm.

The Loving’s story is one of a bi-racial couple married in 1958 when Virginia and 19 other states had anti miscegenation laws. The Lovings were arrested in their home, jailed, tried and convicted. They were then basically banished by the Commonwealth of Virginia for 25 years. Eventually, with the help of my dear friend Bernard Cohen and the ACLU, the United States Supreme Court overturned the state courts’ rulings and made laws banning marriage based on race unconstitutional. The Loving’s story is one of courage, hope, love, and faith in justice. I hope you will join us to celebrate their story and the evolution of justice in Virginia. Bernard Cohen, who argued the case before the nation’s highest court and is one of our country’s great lawyers, will be in attendance.