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Out of jail and on the field: Michael Vick lives to play football again!

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Vick may return to play in the NFL as soon as October!

Michael Vick Finished his 2-year sentence for dog fighting. . He no longer has to wear his electronic monitor and can now officially make a bid to return to the NFL.

The NFL Commisoiner, Roger Goodell, who suspended him indefinitely because of his conviction on a federal conspiracy charge related to his dog fighting operation, wants to sit down with Vick to review Vick’s progress before he returns to the NFL.

“Goodell will consider Vick for full reinstatement in week six of the season which arrives in October.

Not surprisingly, Vick won’t be allowed to own a dog, according to the NFL. It does look like he’s at least allowed to pet a dog, under the rules of his reinstatement, a good thing since Vick has proposed working with the Humane Society as one way to further show his remorse for bankrolling the infamous Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting business.”