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Herndon Virginia Aqauthon in Memory of our friend Jack Corkey

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So that you can race in warm conditions in a unique event that was contested in the 1990s, the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Lts. is bringing back the Herndon Community Center Aquathon in memory of our dear friend Jack Corkey of the Great Harvest Bread bakery. You can even shower, hot tub, sauna, work out more after !

WHEN: Saturday, February 25, 2012 (Warm-ups: 6 to 7am, Start Time: 7:15am)

WHAT: All water biathlon starts with a half mile swim immediately followed by a half mile water run. It is the perfect multi-sport event because it takes place entirely indoors. It’s a great, safe workout that’s a lot of fun. And, Lawyer Landau is giving out BRIEFS to participants and volunteers !!!

WHERE: Herndon Community Center, 814 Ferndale Avenue, Herndon, Virginia

Hope to see you there racing, volunteering, cheering & laughing. doug

P.S. Questions, suggestions ? Send Doug Landau, race sponsor, an e-mail.