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Lauren Holtzman
Lauren Holtzman
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Big Brother may not be watching you, but the insurance company is

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A recent Workers’ Compensation case involved videotape that had evidence damaging to an injured employee’s claim. The Claimant had reflex sympathetic dystrophy which spread from her right arm to her left. While she had testified that she was unable to do some basic tasks, like grocery shop alone, she was nonetheless videotaped doing exactly that. While the employee was able to obtain an award for her permanent total disability based on alternate proof, many may not be able to accomplish this feat.

If you are injured at work, you should be aware that many insurance companies hire private investigators whose job is to compile photographic and videographic evidence to disprove your claim. Our office does not take on clients who are claiming fraudulent injuries, nor should you make a fraudulent claim. However, this case is a cautionary tale of someone who was genuinely injured, yet was caught performing some activity that was at odds with her injury.