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American Youth Soccer team members collect hugs as well as "caps"

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People often ask me what I do for a living. I respond, “I collect hugs.” As a rtial lawyer representing injured workers and disabled Americans, I am blessed to get hugs, not every day, but most weeks from clients and families that we have helped at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. It is one of the highlights of my law practice. That is why I was intrigued when I heard about the US Under-17 girls soccer team on NPR. They played the Haitian team after the devastating earthquake in January, demolishing their opponents in Costa Rica. However, there was little joy on the American side when the final whistle was blown. The goalie from Haiti was on the ground sobbing, not from injury, but overwhelmed.
U.S. Goalie Bryane Heaberlin said that before the game, the team had read an article that said most of the Haitian team had been made homeless by the devastating January earthquake. “I knew everything that the Haitian Goal Keeper had gone through before the game, and I knew how tough it had to have been for her,” Heaberlin says. “So I just thought a hug would help her a lot.” Crossing the field, “I opened my arms and gave her a hug,” she says. “And everybody else joined in in the hug.” This, more than the number of goals and wins, shows U.S. Team’s spirit. I commend them for their spirit, sportsmanship and humanity. And I hope that the US team is able to continue not only with its winning ways, but its charity and empathy as well.