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Neuropsychological testing reveals cognitive deficits after car crash

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As the result of a violent head-on collision, an injured motorist sustained a brief loss of consciousness at the scene of the Prince George County Virginia car crash. However, it was only several months after the car accident that the true extent of his injuries was revealed. In a case where the plaintiff was going home after working a nightshift in Richmond and the defendant driver was traveling in the opposite direction and failed to navigate the curve in the road, later testing revealed a serious head injury. Both vehicles sustained significant property damage and the victim was taken by emergency responders from the scene of the crash. Witnesses indicated the defendant appeared to have fallen asleep.

The plaintiff had a neuropsychological evaluation performed approximately two months after the accident. Testing revealed a pattern of cognitive deficits consistent with post concussion syndrome. The plaintiff was then referred to a neuropsychiatrist for evaluation and treatment, where he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and balance disorder. The plaintiff was treated for approximately seven months before being released to resume normal activities of daily living according to the Lawyers Weekly case report. This case reiterates the imporantce of getting prompt, competent neurological testing and treatment after a car or truck crash. Where there has been loss of consciousnesss, a concussion or post crash headaches, a thorough work up should be conducted, as early intervention can help speed the road to recovery.