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Managing Brain Injury – new Guide now available from the National Rehabilitation Hospital

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In his continuing efforts to help those with traumatic brain injury and disabled from head trauma, Herndon Reston lawyer Doug Landau receives and reviews materials from the National Rehabilitation Hospital ("NRH"), Brain Injury Services, the Brain Injury Association and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Brain Injury Retreat. The NRH Press latest book offering is "Managing Brain Injury: A Guide to Living Well with Brain Injury."

This is the 4th book in a series of useful guides to help people face the challenges of life following brain injury. As Landau and the ABRAMS LANDAU trial team has worked with many victims of traumatic brain injury ("TBI") and closed head injury, they understand the importance of having resources such as this available for disabled clients and their families. This new NRH guide is intended to help make sense of the roller coaster ride of emotional and physical changes that can overwhelm patients and health care providers. To order this helpful book, visit NRH Rehab or call 202-877-1776