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Major Ruling helpful for Consumers suing foreign manufacturers

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Concerned about tainted food products and dangerous toys manufactured abroad and without the protections available in this country, Herndon safety lawyer Doug Landau was pleased to receive word that an appellate court in one of the states where he is licensed has also looked at this important issue. The New Jersey Supreme Court handed down a major victory for consumers injured by products made by foreign manufacturers. Ruling on an appeal briefed on behalf of the New Jersey Association for Justice, the court held that a foreign company may be held liable in a New Jersey court for defective products sold as part of a national distribution scheme. The case is important because, Landau points out, it is difficult, and sometimes nearly impossible when a victim is injured be a defective product manufactured in Asia, Europe or elsewhere. The decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court will enable state residents and businesses to hold foreign manufacturers responsible for injuries caused by defective products. The case is Nicastro v. McIntyre Machinery America Ltd, A-29-08. Law.com