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Doug Landau

Maryland Hospital Cannot be Sued in Virginia if No Business in Virginia

After the question of whether to bring a lawsuit, the issue of where to bring the case usually follows. With citizens of Virginia often transacting business and getting hurt in the nearby…

Doug Landau

Fairfax Circuit Court News – Guardian Ad Litem In Civil Cases

Following up on the ABRAMS LANDAU Herndon law firm’s post on new procedures for Guardian ad Litem (GAL) in personal injury settlements, there will now be a new process for GALs in ALL civil cases….

Doug Landau

Wrongful death lawsuits allowed to proceed against Virignia Tech

Two $10 million wrongful death lawsuits filed by families of Virginia Tech students killed in the 2007 massacre in Blacksburg will move forward, a circuit court judge ruled November 22. On April 16,…

Doug Landau

Fairfax Bar Association's new rules for infant settlements, personal injury, wrongful death cases

Fairfax Bar Association, which serves the Northern Virginia Legal Community has issued notice to the personal injury bar that the judges of the Fairfax County Circuit Court have decided to adopt a…

Doug Landau

Doctors who testify as expert witnesses can make 6 figure incomes

While there are caps on damages that a disabled victim can receive in many jurisdictions, there are no limits to how much money an expert witness can make, according to Loudoun and Fairfax injury…

Doug Landau

Lawsuit against Parent hosts of Teenage Sleepover allowed for girls death with reckless teen driver, Virginia Supreme Court reverses "No boys with cars" case

As the parent of teenagers, when they have guests sleepover, I will no longer get any sleep. The Virginia Supreme Court has just ruled that even when kids leave our home, we may be held…

Melissa Landau

Bike Crash kills Cyling Safety Advocate and Leader Bruce Rosar

The North Carolina cycling community is mourning a great loss. Bruce Rosar was killed while riding his bicycle when he was struck by a motorist in Apex North Carolina on Saturday.
Mr. Rosar taught…

Doug Landau

Police Assisted Suicide: Insurance Comapany to blame

Doug Elliott was hurt on the job. He sustained a burst fracture to his spine while working construction. Doug was an amazing man with a wife and 2 kids who he loved dearly. He was in great physical…