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Doug Landau

Costs of Workers' Surgeries Vary by State

Workers Compensation adjusters constantly bemoan the costs of medical care for injured workers in Virginia. The comp insurers also complain about utilization, since weekly wage benefits are…

Doug Landau

No Virginia Workers Compenstion Benefits for Virginia Laborer’s Out of State Injury

Just as yesterday's post discussed where to bring a personal injury action for a Virginia resident, this post will look at the same question from the point of view of an on the job accident…

Doug Landau

Virginia Workers Comp claims being Mediated

When cases cannot be settled through negotiations, and trial is not scheduled, Mediation provides another avenue for resolving claims. Mediation allows the injured worker and their family to…

Doug Landau

Why do insurance companies appeal workers comp claims ?

We have seen several winning decisions appealed by insurance companies and employers despite excellent decisions by the trial judges of the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. When an…

Doug Landau

Sometimes it's Comp and Sometimes it's not

When a worker is in a car wreck on the job, they may have a workers comp claim or a motor vehicle negligence case or both ! At the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU we are often asked by perplexed…

Doug Landau

Permanent Total Disability Workers Comp Case Tried in Fairfax Virginia

Young Virginia workers who are permanently disabled learn the tragic fact that the Virginia Workers Compensation law limits wage loss benefits to no more than 500 weeks in most workplace injury…

Doug Landau

Compensation for Tornado Hero after Workers Compensation Denial

After being thrown a city block by 200 mph winds, a Midwest social worker endured the 1-2 punch of having his workers comp claim denied. Mark Lindquist nearly gave his life trying to save three…

Doug Landau

Tornado Hero Denied Workers Compensation

Courage in the face of a tornado’s 200 mph winds is something to be respected and honored. The EF-5 tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri was among the nation’s worst ever. It killed 162 people and…

Doug Landau

Injured subs cannot bring claims against negligent general contractors

If you are injured on the job, workers’ compensation—essentially, an elaborate state-run insurance program for workplace injury—kicks in to compensate you for your injury,…