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Doug Landau

Project to Cure Paralysis: Cooling After Spinal Cord Injury

The University of Miami is frequently at the cutting edge of advances in medical research, especially accidental spinal cord injury and paralysis. As an alum of the U and a lifelong follower of…

Doug Landau

FREE Community Health Programs at INOVA Hospitals

Continuing on the superb, free lectures open to the public, the INOVA hospitals of Northern Virginia invite you the Ask the Experts programs. These sessions make top doctors available for questions…

Doug Landau

Don't Get Stuck With the Chiropractor's Bill

In yesterday’s post, we discussed some of the practices that chiropractors have used on innocent victims of car crashes. When an injured plaintiff has valid health insurance coverage, they do not…

Doug Landau

Social Security Disability claimants: know your lawyer, know you’re ready for your day in court

Trying two Social Security Disability cases on the same morning in DC requires a lot of preparation. We had invested time, resources and money in our clients’ spinal cord injury cases and felt ready…

Doug Landau

Can you win a Social Security "double header" ?

Last month the Herndon Law firm of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. tried two DC Social Security Disability cases in the same morning. And, in a remarkable turn, Fully Favorable decisions were received in both…

Doug Landau

The cost of medical records in social security disability claims

10/14 The cost of medical records in social security disability claims

One expense that is encountered in nearly every Social Security Disability claim (SSDI) is the cost of getting, copying and…

Doug Landau

ABRAMS LANDAU Social Security Disability team gets unexpected gifts

Herndon disability lawyer Doug Landau tells people that he collects hugs for a living. Our clients’ heartfelt thanks is something that really makes us enjoy what we do. Previous posts have discussed…

Doug Landau

Fighting Health Insurance Care Denials

A DENIAL by a health insurance company used to be the final word on treatment for many American families. However, it’s a new day for American consumers; the Affordable Care Act enlarges the rights…

Doug Landau

Social Security Disability and the overweight or obese claimant

Many workers with back and spine injuries find that they gain weight due to inactivity, medications and other factors. The increased weight can cause complications with their recovery, and if they…

Doug Landau

Virginia's rule on the amount of the lawsuit

While many states do not require that the injured car crash victim place a specific amount in their lawsuit papers, because they recognize that injuries, treatment, lost time from work and eventual…