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Doug Landau

Because Social Security Disability fees are capped, clients get extra money !

Who doesn't like a government refund check ?!!? Unexpected money is often the best kind to receive. When clients get winning Social Security Disability decisions in the mail, they are happy….

Doug Landau

Maintaining Active Lifestyle through Laminoplasty after Back Injury and Spine Pain

Advances in medicine are enabling disabled clients to achieve better outcomes after spine injuries. New surgical techniques, equipment and prosthetics have allowed ABRAMS LANDAU clients to regain…

Doug Landau

DC Social Security Doctor's Fraudulent Exam Leads to Remand

The Social Security Administration often hires doctors to examine disability claimants, review their medical records and even come and testify against these wage earners who had paid into this…

Doug Landau

Social Security Disability case won BEFORE Hearing !

Our Herndon Reston area disablity law firm receives thanks from grateful clients and their families whoses trial we have won. However, there are times when we are able to win Social Security…

Doug Landau

"Team Injury Board" to run in support of the Challenged Athletes

In addition to working together to help injured victims during their upcoming annual meeting, Injury Board lawyers are teaming up to support a worthy cause at this weekend’s Winter’s Family Beach…

Doug Landau

Three questions to ask before selecting a personal injury trial lawyer

Having returned from the funeral of a dear friend in Richmond, I am reminded by the time I spent with her in her last months of life of the importance (and scarcity) of courage in today’s society….