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Doug Landau

Bike Crashes Often Result in TWO Claims

Many injured bike riders make the mistake of waiting to get a settlement check months and years after a crash with a negligent truck or car driver. With a smashed bike, cracked helmet, broken GPS or…

Doug Landau

Can the Injured Bike Rider Sue me ?

A bicycle rider was severely injured in an accident on a rainy day in California. A car pulling into a parking lot was struck broadside by the Los Angeles bicyclist. The police charged the cyclist…

Doug Landau

Advantages of Being Hard-Headed ?

While I can appreciate the feeling of freedom biking without a helmet, the statistics suggest that fatal bike crashes can be reduced if all bikers wore helmets or universal motorcycle helmet laws…

Doug Landau

Capitol Bike Share Program a Success in Washington DC

As a sometime bike commuter, Doug Landau of the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU has used and rented bikes in a number of cities all over the world. Now bikes are available in the Washington DC…

Doug Landau

Police Seek Witnesses to Bike Crash

When a car turns and strikes a 50-year-old biker in Fairfax, it resonates with me, as I am now a half century and often ride on the County streets and trails of Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William….

Doug Landau

Sterling Park Virginia Bike Accident Results in Biker Getting Charged

A local biker contacted Abrams Landau after being struck by a car in Sterling Virginia and being issued a Traffic Court Summons at the hospital. As the local biker was headed West on the W&OD…

Doug Landau

Hamilton Virginia Bike Crash Safety Tips

After finishing today’s bicycle ride through Hamilton, Purcellville and Lovettesville, Loudoun County bike accident lawyer Doug Landau was reminded of late Fall cycle safety tips.

Keep the…

Doug Landau

Giving your all – all the time

Giving is what being an effective and empathetic trial lawyer is all about. If you cannot give of yourself, then you will not be an effective advocate for someone who has no voice.

At today’s…

Doug Landau

Unsafe bike course changed to prevent more crashes

The bike dismount area at today’s National Triathlon Championship was the scene of crashes, near misses and equipment going in all directions. However, race officials did the smart, safe thing – the…

Doug Landau

Bike Crash Victims are Triathlon Winners

When bicycle accident victims recover from their injuries and are able to return to competition, it is cause for celebration. When these same injured cyclists win awards, it is a tangible testament…