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Doug Landau

Biker Hit and Run = One DC Truck Driver's Cowardly Act

A truck driver who hit a biker on a DC street had his actions captured on film as the cyclist was wearing a helmet camera ! Watch this film clip and you will see what bicycle commuters and…

Doug Landau

Bike Crash Case – "IOUs" on Settlement or Verdict

No one advertises the fact that there can be substantial IOUs on the money an innocent car, motorcycle or bike crash victim may recover at trial or in compromise settlement. After a bike crash,…

Doug Landau

Washington Area Bicyclist Attorneys need to “walk the walk”

Unbelievable. I was sent information about a local lawyer who is supposedly a plaintiff’s personal injury trial lawyer and a Washington DC area bicycle accident victims’ advocate. Yet, when I did…

Doug Landau

Free Helmets to Keep Kids Injury Free

Keep those lids on the kids ! was the call to action at last week’s free bike helmet (lid) giveaway. Thanks to an energetic doctor in a white lab coat, uniformed police officers and a local bike…

Doug Landau

Fighting at Bike Helmet Safety Inspection – Are You Serious ?

Now that the 2011 Multisport season is drawing to a close, and highlights, victories and prizes tallied, one of the low points requires discussion in the context of biker and athlete safety….

Doug Landau

Biker's Crash Case Has "IOUs" on Verdict or Settlement !

Bicycling Barrister Doug Landau wishes all personal injury lawyers would advise their biker clients that they may have to pay some IOUs. After a bike crash, the main focus of the bicyclist’s…

Doug Landau

Herndon Law Firm will NOT represent you…

If you are an athlete who picks a fight with race directors when they try to protect you from head trauma or brain injury.

In yesterday’s post, we looked at just such an incident at the Reston…

Doug Landau

Watch for Pedestrians, Pets AND Bicycles at Trail Crossings

Having run, biked and driven past the W&OD Trail crossing at Sterling Park Drive, Herndon bike injury lawyer has seen a number of near misses at this location. A Sterling Park Virginia bike…

Doug Landau

Bikers Licenses, Identification and the Police

After representing several bikers picked up by local police for violations of state law, I was asked could they have gotten tickets (and potentially points on their Division of Motor Vehicles…

Doug Landau

So, HOW does an injured cyclist get TWO checks for ONE bike crash ?

By settling the Property Damage (PD) claim as soon as the evidence of all the personal property losses are assembled AND LATER settling the Personal (or Bodily) Injury (BI) claim when the extent of…