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Doug Landau

Does a car crash victim have to wait until healed before seeking compensation ?

After a car accident, the thing you probably want most is simply to be made whole again, quickly. You want the property damage to your car, truck or bike repaired; you want your injuries to heal so…

Doug Landau

Can I get compensation for lost wages/earnings if I was out of work at the time of the crash ?

A lawsuit in the wake of a car accident involves multiple types of damages. Plaintiffs seek recovery, for example, for medical expenses, for physical and emotional pain and suffering, for loss of…

Doug Landau

Do You Need a “Live” Witness to Get in Documents for a Car Crash Trial ?

Why do I need so many witnesses at my trial if these folks did not even see the crash ? We tell clients at the Landau Law Shop that papers simply do not walk into court at trial. Either a witness…

Doug Landau

Car Crash & then Medical Mistakes: Does Unsafe Driver Pay ? (part 2)

When you file a suit against someone for negligence—like the driver of the car—one of the things that you have to prove is that their irresponsible actions caused your injuries. This is…

Doug Landau

Car Crash and then Medical Mistakes: Does Unsafe Driver Pay ?

The “one-two punch” of sustaining injuries in a DC Beltway car wreck and then getting hurt worse as the result of medical error does not mean the innocent victim is “knocked…

Doug Landau

Why can't I use the fact that the underage defendant was drinking before the crash ?

It seems so unfair ! If the driver who caused the crash tells the cops she’s been drinking, that should come in to court when the injury case is tried. However, negligence law—the law that…

Doug Landau

Frivolous lawsuit defenses harm the courts and injured victims

After a car crash, when recovering from your injuries, the last thing you need if for the negligent defendant’s insurance company to deny all or part of your claim and then for their lawyers to file…

Doug Landau

No D.C. alcohol breath tests to catch drunk drivers

Breathalizer test results are often used as evidence to prosecute drunk drivers and keep dangerous motorists off the roads of the DC metropolitan area. As a former prosecutor, evidence taken from…