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Why we <3 (LOVE) to text

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USA Today did a snapshot with the following reasons we like to text…

  • - Convenient for basic information
  • - Works where talking won’t do
  • - Quicker than calling
  • - Easier when facing arguments
  • - Dislike phone conversations
  • - Great for flirting

We at Abrams Landau, LTD. have come up with our own list of texting facts

Texting while driving is stupid because…

  • - It distracts you
  • - Your Grandma would think your spelling is HORRENDOUS
  • - You could crash your car and break your cell phone
  • - If it is something urgent it is easy to PULL OVER, and then call the person on a hands free device and chat the day away
  • - You could hit someone else and injure or kill them and their passengers. You, and perhaps your company, parents or household could also be held liable to pay damages.

I think we can all agree that texting is a fun form of communication. But at the same time, any flirtatious message can turn ugly if a car crash results from a driver who was distracted due to texting.