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When the judge changes my jury award: What are Additur and Remittitur?

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When you become involved in a lawsuit related to an auto accident, you quickly discover a world of rules and requirements that our legal system has in place to guide a case through the courts. You can think of these requirements as the “rules of the game”, put in place to make sure that everyone involved with the case is treated fairly. At Abrams Landau, we try to explain all of these complex rules and requirements necessary for a Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC car, truck or motorcycle crash case.

These rules accompany your individual case as it works its way through the entire trial process—

  • the filing of the case,
  • the discovery of evidence and witnesses,
  • the selection of the jury,
  • the presentation of the facts, evidence and exhibits,
  • the judge’s instructions on the law, and
  • the deliberation of the jury.

It might seem like by the time you have the jury’s decision, your case if finally over and there are no more rules to worry about. But even after a case is seemingly done, some Landau Law Shop clients have seen that there are several procedures and rules remaining. Two of these rules, that are important to any person involved in a lawsuit, have to do with additur and remittitur.

Like a lot of legal terms, additur and remittitur are fancy words that mean something really quite basic: After the jury has returned a verdict in your favor and set a specific dollar amount for recovery, the judge in the trial can adjust that dollar amount. Additur is a tool the judge can use to increase the dollar amount. Remittitur is a tool the judge can use to decrease the dollar amount. In tomorrow’s post, we will look at the practical application of these two procedural tools…