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Lauren Holtzman
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When injured victims declines ambulance transportation or injury at the scene

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One of the issues that comes up again and again in car and truck crash cases is where the innocent victim finds out later that they were more seriously injured than had been thought at the scene. When the innocent victim of a car crash declines medical attention or ambulance transport, this information is recorded in the official Police Accident Report. The "at fault" Defendant driver’s Insurance Company makes special note of this information, and uses it against the injured victim later.

We have seen many cases where the innocent motorist struck by the Defendant turns down the offer of medical care because they need to get to an elderly parent or child at school; they are embarrassed; they feel "banged up" at the scene and assume it will "clear up on its own," and, they will see their personal doctor later. We have also seen cases where the victim thought they were just bruised, but later found out they had:

a herniated disc in their spine;
closed head injury;
a torn rotator cuff in their shoulder;
traumatic brain injury;
internal organ damage

and that they needed surgery as the result of the Defendant driver’s negligence. Bottom line: If you are hurt, say so. You have heard the expression, "Anything you say can and will be used you in a Court of law." Now you know that silence can be used against you as well.