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What kind of proof do I need to show I was "OK" before the accident ?

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In most personal injury cases, there is evidence of traumatic injury, or dog attack wounds, surgical procedures and helpful medical illustrations. However, the question often arises, "What was the injured person’s PRE-ACCIDENT health like ?" We have seen in mock trials used to prepare for court that jurors want to know the "before and after" so that they can feel secure in the judgment they make on the issue of damages.

We try to gather this important information early in the case. Injured plaintiffs can help counsel collect ALL pre- and Post injury medical data. Some of the sources for this information include:

  • Work physicals,
  • Pre-employ physicals,
  • Disability insurance physicals,
  • Department of Transportation exams (i.e., for a Commercial Driver’s License or "CDL"),
  • Military physicals (entrance and discharge),
  • Gym tests (in order to join certain health clubs or participate in their sports or advanced training programs),
  • Sports physicals (for high school, college and other school or league competitions),
  • Life insurance medical examinations,
  • Dental care,
  • Ob/gyn,
  • Family doctors and Internists,
  • Other Health Care Professionals.

Because the Defendants’ insurance companies will investigate and "Index" an injured plaintiff to find past injuries, medical treatment, litigation history and criminal record, it is critical to provide your lawyer with a list of ALL the health care professionals you have interacted with before and after the slip and fall injury, car crash, bike accident or dog attack.